He’s Not Just Tutus and Twinkies!

This is Rob.


Rob Gilchrist is infamous for prancing around the gymnasium in a tutu and for having an obsession with Twinkies, but he is also the glue that keeps all facilities running at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Bellevue. We would like to take a moment to thank him.

Rob Gilchrist has worked at The Boys and Girls Clubs of Bellevue for 9 ½ years. He previously worked at a printing company as the facilities manager, where he was asked to assess the construction of a new desk at BGCB. Before visiting the club for the desk project, he had never heard of The Boys and Girls Club, but has since been hired on as a full-time staff member. An organization he was once unfamiliar with is now a place that he can call “the best job” he has ever had. The desk has yet to be fixed.

Rob has a way of lightening the mood at work. Whether he’s running around in a fairy costume or rescuing employees from the side of the street after a club van breaks down, we can always ensure that Rob is behind our safe and fun work environment.


He laughs as he reminisces about his days as a Boy Scout— “I was never into gaining patches; I just did it for the adventures.” From building igloos on Mt. Rainer to winning the all-time slowest mile time swim at Camp Omache, Rob never worked for the reward, but for the experience. He has carried this ethic with him into adulthood, as he helps out in any way he can at the club without expecting anything in return, whether it’s organizing volunteers or prank calling the front desk. Plaques or awards like “Staff of the Month” or “Five Years of Excellence for Outstanding Dedication and Service to the Children and Families of Bellevue” adorn his walls.



Rob is always there to lend a helping hand. Just hours before an event, we needed a banner hung. As soon as Rob noticed this, he went in search of curtains rings to mount the banner. Home Depot didn’t have them, so he came in the next day and mentioned that he found a brand new box of curtain rings that he would be willing to bring in for the sign. His selflessness makes things happen.

Along with managing all Facilities and Transportation at the club, Rob has also taken on the role of managing volunteers at the Main Club, a position that began several years ago when we had to organize all court-ordered volunteers. They would come out  to the club every Saturday and he would have to hunt them down, “hiding under picnic tables and in between bushes.” It didn’t seem like a walk in to park, but he took it on anyway. Rob now manages all of our volunteers from Expedia, Keller Williams, Nordstrom, Waggener Edstrom, Microsoft, etc.

Just last week, the finance team at Microsoft came out to rake leaves and filled an entire dumpster. They were even the official judges of our costume contest, which Rob coordinated to make them a vital part of our annual Halloween Costume Contest. Thanks Roberto, you rock.













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