Seattle Sounders Surprise Teens with New Recording Studio

Two years ago, the Seattle Sounders dedicated a new computer lab to the Club and we’re happy to see them back again. Along with Sound Wave, and MLS Works, the Sounders surprised our Teen Music Program with a brand new recording studio complete with a drum set and all necessary recording equipment. Our partnership with the Sounders is growing and we can’t wait to see what the music program creates with the new space!


Before the unveiling, the players hung out with the kids; played ping-pong, taught some soccer tricks, and gave away signed posters and t-shirts. With their first game of the 2014 MLS regular season on Saturday against Kansas City, midfielders Andy Rose, Brad Evans, and forward Lamar Neagle were pumped to come out to represent their team and show support for our kids. Midfielder Brad Evans gave a speech letting the kids know how much he supports them and said “if you guys ever need anything like autographs for friends or even advice, we are here for you.” Not only were the players extremely down to earth, but also melted the hearts of every teenage girl in the room. After a few chants led by Sound Wave, the official Sounders band, most kids ran to the Taco Time truck for free burritos and Mexi-Fries, thanks to our Taco Time board member, Robby Tonkin. The Music Advisory Board, The Club’s teen music program, stayed back and messed around in the new studio.




As The Beach Boys blared from the room, the kids learned how the soundboard worked, playing back the recording from the chant minutes ago. They immediately began to brainstorm other uses for the new music studio. There is already talk of recording a compilation CD of local teen bands in the area, and plans to record all live shows, which are held on Friday nights at the teen center. The Sounder’s Studio is sure to empower music loving teens across the Eastside to pursue their musical goals!


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