Keller Williams Realty Paint the Town Red & the Walls Blue

Since 2009, on the second Thursday of May, Keller Williams Realty participates in an annual giving day. Commonly known as RED Day (Renew-Energize-Donate), Keller Williams offices from Vietnam to Turkey, South Africa, Indonesia, and the US gather to spend a day off from the house-hustling grind and volunteer at local non-profits. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Bellevue are proud to have been chosen by Keller Williams for RED Day for the past 5 years.




This year, In their continued effort to “give where they live”, see slogan on t-shirt, the RED Day crew diligently rid the cracks of our sidewalk of weeds, mowed the lawn, painted the walls a vibrant blue, and even gutted the kitchen refrigerator. In addition to RED Day, Keller Williams has made an effort to stay involved year round. Last winter they sponsored families during our Adopt-a-Family drive, attended our fundraising luncheon, and even hosted a Holiday Choir tour for the holidays. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Bellevue appreciate the partnership shared with Keller Williams and are excited to see what’s next!


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