Boys & Girls Club Refs Commemorated during Storm Game

Rich and Kerri Reynolds, parents of the Club, recently organized a fun filled night for 12 of our deserving referees at the Seattle Storm game. The night was meant to show appreciation for all their hard work and dedication to the Athletics Department.


Refs waiting to meet Storm players


Storm Court at Key Arena

Before the game, the announcer came through the loud speaker acknowledging the refs for their dedication to the youth of Bellevue. The announcement was followed by their names displayed on the score board and a loud applause from the crowd. Some of the highlights of the game included making a “fan tunnel” for the Storm players to run through, Doppler, the Mascot, silly stringing a brand new head of hair on a ref, and participating in a Q & A with Storm referees. During the Q&A, the Boys and Girls Clubs refs were curious to know the hardest part about refereeing professionally. The Storm refs agreed that the constant travel and time away from family was the toughest. The best part? Meeting all the players and coaches. The Boys and Girls Clubs of Bellevue thank all our hardworking referees, the Storm basketball crew, and parents Rich and Kerri Reynolds for making Staff Appreciation Night a success.


Silly String Wig

Doppler the Mascot



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