THIS JUST IN: Last Wednesday Kids Ate Kale and Begged for Fruit

Our Cooking Camp had an extra special class last Wednesday. Whole Foods sponsored a day of smoothie making and nutrition education from Pat Herrick, Healthy Cooking Coach of the Bellevue Whole Foods Store for 15 years.





Pat had the kids engrossed during the smoothie making tutorial, telling them they would win a prize if they liked the kale, yogurt, grape, corn, strawberry smoothie. Just as she was about to announce the prize she turned the blender on high and mouthed something indiscernible over the roar of the blender. This went on for about five minutes, turning on the blender each time she “announced” the prize. The kids laughed hysterically.



There was never a shiny prize, but the kids won in knowledge and fun. Things like how to “strip kale”, why corn is good for your hair and skin, and how to make pudding with chia seeds and almond milk were covered during the workshop. By the end of the day kids were begging Pat to eat more of her concoctions.

“I’ve been involved with health and wellness forever, and love assuring that people have access to tools, resources, and information to empower themselves and enhance their experience in life.” Says Pat.

Visit Pat and the Bellevue Whole Foods team to receive a free piece of fruit, kids only! Don’t normally shop at WF? Check out their Whole Deals page complete with coupons, budget friendly recipes and money saving tips!  Whole Foods has also offered to provide free snacks during Summer Camp and that’s pretty awesome too!


More Kid Friendly Resources!


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